Rollingwoods Elle's Belles

Elles Belles

(*Sleight of Hand OD/LOM x Gayfields Mona L LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM) 1996 Section B grey Mare – 12' 3 ½" hands. – "Ellie" is a full sibling to Rollingwoods L on Wheels and Rollingwoods Picturesque.

Rollingwoods Elle's Belles

Sleight Of Hand B-28530 MyIncroft Spun Gold (9348) Solway Master Bronze (3197)
Yaverland Spun Silk (13249-F.S.2)
Coed Coch Olwen (47650) Coed Coch Berywnfa (2114)
Coed Coch Pelydrog (10609)
Gayfields Mona L B-29857 Pendock Masterpiece B-28531 Solway Master Bronze (3197)
Pendock Prudence (21124)
Gayfields Silverado B-27553 Brockwell Spider B-9986
Criban Old Silver A-5506


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