Our Broodmares and Our Show String

These are special ponies that we love and have shared our lives with. They are the ponies we have shown, and driven, and ridden to many championships. They are the mares producing our finest foals. The stallions we have trained and shown and breed. We want to share some of them with you here:

Our Show Ponies


Rollingwood Easy Choice

(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM x Practically Perfect)

Lex is the newest up and coming superstar from our stallion, Rollingwoods Easy as L.   Our trainer, Judy Fendley, who did such an outstanding job with his father, has taken this special pony on as a dressage prospect.  Meanwhile Sally Ross who also loves this pony is showing him in the Welsh world.  He is a phenomenal mover, incredibly athletic, and gotten good ribbons the few times he has been shown.  Look for him in the future because this pony is going places.


Rollingwoods Sleightly Black LOM

(*Sleight Of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Timbercreek Blackberry)

Sleightly Black earned her individual LOM in style winning Supreme Champion in 2011 at both the Red River Welsh Show and the Fieldstone Park Welsh show.  Sleightly Black began her career taking care of Ruth and as she aged she of course entered the hunter world.  She was shown lightly and then returned to Rollingwoods to take care and educate our future riders.  She is patient and kind and will jump whatever she is pointed at regardless of how she is ridden.   She is loved by Turner Davis and his mother like no other pony at Rollingwoods because she always brings him back safe.

Rollingwoods Berry Last One

Rollingwoods Berry Last One

(Sleight Of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Timbercreek Blackberry)

Berry is quite an instructor for our driving students. He has big beautiful movement, knows his job and helps our students safely see correct versus uncorrect reining. Berry drives both singly and as a pair and has competed extensively in CDE's and pleasure drives. He is strong, a big mover, very willing to work and most importantly, tons of fun.

Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers LOM

(*Sleight of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Rollingwoods Stuck on You LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

Sticky has had a long and storied career at Rollingwoods.  She was first successful with Michelle Casperson in the hunter world with too many championships to mention.  As she aged she has come home to the farm to take care of our neice, Kelli West, as she learned to jump.  She has been super successful in the welsh world earning her LOM in 2010 as well as National Champion in Hunter and English Pleasure.  Perhaps her biggest asset is her temperament as she and Mason Davis at age 4 have proven very competitive in the pet pony obstacle.


Rollingwoods Talking Smack

(Rollingwoods Easy as L x Mississippi Trailer Trash)

Half Welsh Colt. This is one flashy pony and bred to perform. We are retaining him right now since Roger has been wanting a bay paint for a long time. Should mature large. Foal is to be retained.

The Broodmares

Rollingwoods Lorna Doone and Turner
(Photo: Lorna and Turner)

Rollingwoods Lorna Doone OD/AOE/LOM

Deceased - Winner of the Prestigious Dam Award of Excellence (Three offspring totaling over 8000 points)  We are proud to say that we own two of the only three broodmares to ever win this honor.  Lorna is the consummate babysitter and has always passed this trait onto her offspring.  She is also one of the only broodmares in the history of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society to win both an individual and Dam Legion of Merit.  Lorna can be ridden English or Western, driven and even has excelled in the hunters.

Rollingwoods Ozark Let's Rock
(Photo: Turner on Letty and his Mom in Leading Rein Class)

Ozark Let's Rock AOE/LOM

Sometimes you acquire a pony for one reason and wind up loving it for a host of other reasons.   Lettie was leased to us to complete the Sire LOM for her dad, Severn Sirocco.  After showing her we realized that this mare was special and purchased her immediately.  She has excelled in the driving arena but her biggest success has always been in pet pony obstacle.  Children will fight over who gets to lead her because she has excellent ground manners and will not step on the smallest child.


Rollingwoods Desert Song
(Photo: Desert Song and baby)

Severn Desert Song

Song was a gift to us from a special friend. She is very cute and has produced some nice foals by our Stallion Rollingwoods Rockford. She is gentle in the pasture and passes this disposition on to her offspring.

Varndell Desire
(Photo: Varndell Desiree)

*Varndell Desiree

Reta Rodgers sold us this mare with the filly, Rollingwoods Unrivaled, in utero. Due to her age we were praying we would be lucky to get one or two foals. Pleasantly not only has Dizzy produced foals for us but she has the majority of fillies insuring that her bloodlines will be in our herd for years. We are especially proud of her daughter, Rollingwoods Unequaled (see Champions Page).

Gayfields Mona L
(Photo: Mona L and baby)

Gayfields Mona L LOM

This mare gave us our first success in the hunter ring with her daughter Rollingwoods Picturesque who was the 1994 Small Medium Green Pony Hunter Champion.  This was the start of a long dynasty of great hunter ponies.  Each one by *Sleight of Hand OD LOM is a carbon copy of the other with incredible movement, natural lead changes, and unbelievable scope over fences.  The only time we didn’t breed her to Sleight she produced our herd stallion, Rollingwoods Easy as L.   Our thanks to Gail Thompson of Gayfields for sending this mare “over the river.”

Rollingwoods Stuck On You
(Photo: Rollingwoods Stuck On You and foal)

Rollingwoods Stuck on You LOM

Fortunately for us, Stuckey was born with a sway back so we retained her.  Bred to Sleight of Hand, OD LOM, she has produced such champions as Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers and Rollingwoods Stick To It. Stuckey’s foals always mature large mediums with incredible scope over fences.  

Rollingwoods Stick Em Up
(Photo: Rollingwoods Stick Em Up and foal)

Rollingwoods Stick Em Up

The one time we didn’t breed Rollingwoods Stuck on You to Sleight Of Hand, she produced a big filly by Cardiff Lotus. This filly was then bred to Sleight Of Hand and the resulting foals have been spectacular.  Each one of her foals have great movement and even better a great temperament.

Rollingwoods Unrivaled
(Photo: Rollingwoods Unrivaled and foal)

Rollingwoods Unrivaled

This filly was purchased in utero from Reta Rodgers.  She was shown as a three year old and then retired to the broodmare herd.  She is a relatively young broodmare but her first foal is currently in training and we don’t think we have ever had a more trainable animal.  

(Photo: Doone It and Dr. Ruth)

Rollingwoods Who Doone It AOE/LOM

This mare holds a special place at Rollingwoods as she is currently taking care of our future rider, Turner Davis.  She defines the versatile welsh pony as she has excelled in Trail, Western, English, Hunter and Driving but her most valuable asset is her unflappable disposition.   She has allowed Turner to learn to ride and not just be a passenger.  Words can never describe her worth to Rollingwoods Farm. Some of her awards include:

(Photo: Rollingwoods Undeniable)

Rollingwoods Undeniable

(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM x *Varndell Desiree x Downland Mandarin)

2007 Section B Black filly – We thought that Dizzy was through producing and she presented us with this very special foal.  Full sibling to Rollingwoods Unequaled she is definitely a “keeper”.

Rollingwoods All Mine
(Photo: Rollingwoods All Mine)

Rollingwoods All Mine

(*Sleight of Hand LOM OD x Alra Rose Blossom x Cloe Olympian)

2007 Section B Gray Filly – This filly is a full sibling to Rollingwoods All Or Nothing and is very elegant.  We are retaining her as her mother is getting up in age –

(Photo: Rollingwoods Classic Rock AOE/LOM)

Rollingwoods Classic Rock AOE/LOM

(Severn Sirocco A-26631 x CC Serenade A-21862 )

Classic is a champion in more ways that you can imagine.  She has been national champion in Driving, Leading Rein, Child’s First Pony, Short Stirrup, as well as Halter.  She has her individual Legion of Merit and Award of Excellence as has been a major contributor to her sire’s Award of Excellence.  Classic is the consummate child’s pony.  She is rock steady but only does what you ask her to do so she instantly rewards good riding and instantly punishes lack of concentration.  Classic has taught Turner Davis and Kelli West as well as the Lemke children how to ride and hopefully will continue to educate future riders for years to come.

Rollingwoods Elles Belles

Rollingwoods Elles Belles

(*Sleight Of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Gayfields Mona L

Full sibling to the National Champions Picturesque and L On Wheels.

Rollingwoods Top Notch

Rollingwoods Top Notch

(*Sleight Of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Rollingwoods Unrivaled x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2008 Section B Mare – Should mature top of  the line medium – This filly is special and would excel on the line or in the performance arena.   She is a big mover, nice straight legs and a temperament that is phenomenal.


Rollingwoods L's Angel (VIDEO AVAILABLE)

(*Sleight of Hand LOM OD x Gayfields Mona L LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2003 Section B mare – 13’ 0 ½” –– This mare is ready to win for you.  Bred from a long line of champions this mare has the whole package.  She can move, model and win the hack.  Full sibling to Rollingwoods Picturesque and Rollingwoods L on Wheels. Lifetime recorded USEF and USHJA.

Rollingwood Give It Up

(*Sleight Of Hand OD/AOE/LOM x Rollingwoods Stick Em Up x Cardiff Lotus)

2008 Section B Filly – This filly is very nice and should mature large medium.


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